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Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle Hoff, a seasoned professional with over 21 years of experience in aesthetics, renowned for her expertise in injectables and lasers. Michelle's journey in aesthetics began in 2002 when she started working alongside esteemed plastic surgeon Richard Edison in Fort Lauderdale, where she delved into the world of advanced laser treatments and injectables.

As an expert injector, Michelle specializes in a wide range of injectables, including Botox, Juvederm, Restylane by Galderma, Radiesse by Merz, Revanesse, and Jeuveau. Her comprehensive training as a Family Nurse Practitioner, combined with her EMT and registered nursing licenses, has empowered her to work wonders in restoring her clients' confidence and achieving their aesthetic goals.


Michelle's artistry lies in her ability to understand each client's unique facial structure and apply a perfect blend of technique and products to deliver natural and rejuvenated results. This skill has earned her a stellar reputation as a true artist in the field of aesthetics.


But her talents extend beyond injectables. Michelle is also an expert in innovative laser and body contouring techniques, including Picoway, Morpheus8, Ultherapy, and Nordlys IPL/Fraxel, to name just a few. Her laser expertise, honed over years of practice, ensures her clients receive the most advanced and effective non-surgical treatments available.


In 2007, Michelle founded Timeless Beauty Aesthetics, a woman-owned and operated establishment, which has since become a trusted destination for clients seeking the pinnacle of facial rejuvenation. Her commitment to excellence and innovation has led her to collaborate with renowned plastic surgeons like Dr. Charles Messa and Dr. Richard Edison.


Michelle's dedication doesn't end with her profession. As an Ordained Minister, she shares her love for the Lord with those interested in learning about Him, adding a positive and uplifting spirit to her endeavors.


If you're in search of an expert injector and laser specialist with a passion for personalized attention, gentle yet effective techniques, and a commitment to helping you look and feel your best, look no further than Michelle Hoff.

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