PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Fort Lauderdale

This video illustrates PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal treatment

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Why Us?

  • Less pain

  • Less treatments

  • Less time

We treat tattoo removal using the fastest and less painful way to get rid of an unwanted tattoo.

PicoWay is The Premier Alternative to Traditional Laser Tattoo Removal.

PicoWay treats multi-colored tattoos on different skin types. PicoWay utilizes unique picosecond laser technology to deliver fast, comfortable treatments – more than any other traditional laser tattoo removal solution available.

Unlike traditional lasers, PicoWay delivers energy to the targeted ink in ultra-short pulses that are so fast, they’re measured in picoseconds — that’s one trillionth of a second!

The PicoWay laser light is targeted at colors matching the specific laser wavelength in ultra-short picosecond pulses. These pulses shatter the tattoo into very tiny particles, which are then easily eliminated by the body’s natural processes.

The PicoWay laser emits less heat energy than traditional lasers providing a safer, more comfortable treatment for ALL skin types, with fewer side effects.

What to Expect

  • Before the procedure, a numbing agent is applied to the target area. (Note the tattoo ink prior to the PicoWay treatment)

  • During the treatment the PicoWay® handpiece delivers energy with an extremely precise, high-power laser in extremely short pulses to target ink particles with great impact.

  • These pulses shatter the tattoo ink into minuscule particles. Following the PicoWay treatment, most of the ink particles are removed by the body.


  • PICOWAY RESOLVE PRICING TATTOO REMOVAL. Consultation is Free and Price start at $150+ for as many treatments as necessary realizing it will only be around 2-6 treatments at 6 to 8 weeks apart.

  • You don't even need to come in to get a quote. Just text a picture of your tattoo by clicking on the link below. 


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